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Welcome to another segment of the ‘OWS Basics’ batch, part of OWS Education.
In this chapter we will look into what contributors in the NEAR Ecosystem are and how to become one within the Open Web Sandbox.

Who is a Contributor?

Within the NEAR ecosystem, contributors are individuals bringing value to the ecosystem. They can take on tasks that communities offer through the Open Web Sandbox and get rewarded for them by OWS upon completion.

How can I become a Contributor?

To officially become a Sandboxer, ready to participate in offered opportunities, you simply have to fill in the contributor’s form.
It’s a short form where all newcomers share basic information about themselves; this information allows our team to offer the opportunities that suit contributors’ interests and skills in the best way. You will have to share the following details about yourself:
  • Email address - make sure to use the active one, we will contact you through this way if the right opportunity for you will become available
  • Your Discord or Telegram handle for optional quicker communication.
  • Your NEAR Wallet address - used for the payouts upon completion of opportunities. If you still don’t have one, you can create it really quickly following these instructions.
  • Your country of residence.
  • Reasons why you have joined the Open Web Sandbox.
  • Your interests within the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Languages you speak - this one is an important one since NEAR ecosystem is an international community and sometimes there are opportunities available in languages other than English.
  • Your skills - also an essential question an answer to which will help our team to figure out which projects will suit you best.
  • Join OWS on the Guilds’ platform with your NEAR wallet.
You are all set! Welcome to the Open Web Sandbox! Please make sure to fill in this form as accurately as you can: information from this form is the first indication of your professional capabilities for our team and your first step on the way to your participation in the OWS opportunities. We will share all about the OWS opportunities in the next subpage!
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