OWS Docs
OWS Education
By the OWS team.
Welcome to OWS Education! A new activity by the OWS team aimed at bridging the gap between contributors and knowledge gaps. The goal of this section of the OWS Docs is to release video and written documentation at the end of each month, dedicated to a new topic that we find is important to cover for OWS contributors and newcomers.
Essentially, the aim of OWS Education is to produce educational content so that all contributors and newcomers will be able to fill those information and knowledge gaps, no matter their background or knowledge levels. The information that we will be covering will range from basic OWS procedures and terminology, introductory blockchain and NEAR concepts, but also in the future more specific categories, like DeFi and NFTs, and how they work on NEAR.
So, if you want to find out more about what OWS is, what it does, and how you can get involved (and start earning NEAR), then check out the next section which covers 'OWS Basics'!
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