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Join OWS as a Community
Reach your goals and grow your project in the NEAR community ecosystem.
Within the NEAR ecosystem, we classify communities as either projects (DApps) building on top of NEAR, or Guilds (organisations).
If you already have a project or guild working in the NEAR ecosystem, have a look at this section to see how we can help. We will do what we can to achieve your goals.
If you want to know more about what communities are, check out our OWS Education segment on 'What are OWS communities?'

Get Support as a Community

Get work done for your community/project by letting us find the right people for you tasks.
We can cover up to USD$1500 for assistance to your project. This means that if you need a job done we will outsource an appropriate candidate and financially cover all costs.
Get in contact with us by filling out our Project Opportunity Form. We will contact you from there and see how we can help.

Promote your Community

Request to join us for one of our weekly AMAs where we highlight and take audience questions about OWS communities. Fill out our AMA Guest Speaker Form and we will get in contact with you.
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Get Support as a Community
Promote your Community