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Payment instructions
Instructions on how to get paid from OWS if you have completed a project as a contributor.

What is this page?

If you are a contributor + have completed a project opportunity, then your rewards will be outlined in the table below.

What do I do with the information on this form?

Please click on the forum post corresponding to your work and comment the amount you are owed. Then, go on the Open Web Sandbox AstroDAO and make a payment proposal with the correct amount and a link to the same forum post. See instructions below.

Creating a proposal on OWS AstroDAO

  • Click on: Request a Payout.
  • Put in the NEAR amount you are requesting (must match the NEAR price detailed below) in the Token box.
  • Put in your NEAR Wallet name in the Send to box.
  • Use this template to fill in the Details box:
[Your Discord handle], [Moderator handle]
  • Put in your Forum Post link in the External URL box.
That is it!
Our team will take up to 3 days maximum to process your payment proposal on-chain.

NEAR price (May):

Five day average of NEAR price using the Anchored VWAP on Trading View, NEAR/USD pair.
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What is this page?
What do I do with the information on this form?
Creating a proposal on OWS AstroDAO
NEAR price (May):