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Brief introduction on how to navigate our docs.
Hello to you Sandboxer!
Welcome to the Open Web Sandbox guild. This platform aims to encourage participation and collaboration on different activities in the NEAR Ecosystem.
The mission of the Open Web Sandbox narrows down to providing the necessary guidance for everyone who wishes to deploy their talents for the benefit of the NEAR ecosystem. All kinds of talents are appreciated here: the main purpose is to create value that will accelerate the development of the ecosystem. This is truly an inclusive community for everyone who is passionate about innovation.
So, where should you start?
If you want a visual introduction to our website, check out this brief introductory video:
How to navigate our new website.


If you want to join OWS and start engaging in the ecosystem, jump straight into the section that best describes you or your community/organisation:


If you want to learn more about OWS and the technology behind it, this is the section for you. For a quick introduction to OWS, see this:
If you want to learn more about blockchain fundamentals and what blockchains can do, see here:
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